Parking Fee PIT

When it comes to park at PIT Airport, you have multiple options: short term parking, long term parking, onsite parking, offsite parking including Short Term Parking, Long Term Parking, Charlie Brown’s Airport Parking, and valet parking at Near Baggage Claim. You can pay for your PIT Airport using Credit Cards, Cash.

Before you visit PIT Airport, it is important you find the best option for Parking Fee PIT. All parking options at PIT Airport that are not a walking distance from the terminals, offer a free shuttle service to take you and your luggage to your terminal.

The cost for PIT Airport short-term parking cost is $3 for the first hour, $5 per hour thereafter, the long-term parking cost is $8/day or $48/week, and the off-site parking is $7.50/day.

PIT Airport Short Term Parking

Short Term Parking Name: Short Term Parking
Short Term Parking Location: 1000 Airport Blvd, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15231
Short Term Parking Cost: $3 for the first hour, $5 per hour thereafter
Short Term Parking Payment Options: Credit Cards, Cash
Short Term Parking Additional Information: Maximum daily rate of $26.

PIT Airport Long Term Parking

Long Term Parking Name: Long Term Parking
Long Term Parking Location: Across from the terminal
Long Term Parking Cost: $8/day or $48/week
Long Term Parking Payment Options: Cash or Credit
Long Term Parking Additional Information: Covered parking available, free shuttle to terminals.

PIT Airport Offsite Parking

Offsite Parking Name: Charlie Brown’s Airport Parking
Offsite Parking Location: 600 Flaugherty Run Road, Coraopolis, PA 15108
Offsite Parking Cost: $7.50/day
Offsite Parking Payment Options: 24/7 Shuttle Service to and from the Airport, Free Car Wash, Oil Change and Detailing Services

PIT Airport Airport Valet Parking

Is there a valet parking at PIT airport?
Yes, there is a valet parking at PIT airport, pleaes find the complete valet parking details and information here below:

Valet Parking Location: Near Baggage Claim
Valet Parking Cost: $35 per day
Valet Parking Additional Information: Complimentary water.
Valet Parking Service Phone Number: (412) 472-5050

Parking at PIT Airport

Watch this video to learn more about Parking Fee PIT and all parking options at Pittsburgh International Airport including Long Term Parking, Short Term Parking, Charlie Brown’s Airport Parking, valet parking and more. Also note the information regarding car protection, while parking at PIT Airport.

PIT Airport Parking Theft Information

PIT airport has had some incidents of car theft and break-ins in its parking lots. To reduce the risk, passengers are advised to park in well-lit areas and avoid leaving valuables in plain sight.

PIT Airport Parking Phone Number

What is PIT Airport parking phone number?

Pittsburgh International Airport main number (PIT airport Number) to talk to a real person with regards to Parking Fee PIT and Long Term Parking issues is 412-472-3525.

PIT Airport Calling Hours

What are the best hours to call PIT Airport for Parking Fee PIT related matters?

The best hours to call PIT Airport and talk to a real person at PIT airport regarding Parking Fee PIT are between 10:30 am to 04:00 pm on weekdays.

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Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) Address

What is PIT Airport address?

Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) address where you can send official mail including letters, and documents and in regards to Parking Fee PIT is:

Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT Airport)
Street: 1000 Airport Blvd
City: Pittsburgh
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 15231

Parking Fee PIT Website

You can visit the Parking Fee PIT official website by clicking here.

PIT Airport Website

You can visit the PIT official website by clicking here.

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